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For Bookings and More Information call:
Ed Labowitz at (310) 552-0035

For information about the TFC Fundraising program call:
Mike Sirota at (310) 387-7619

Or E-mail The Folk Collection


If you are interested in a press kit please email or call, and we will send you one.
The Folk Collection is booking for private parties, special occasions, and business events as well as concerts and clubs.   

THE FOLK COLLECTION also presents a 45-60 minute educational program for elementary and middle school assemblies, entitled "An American Journey - Folk Music and Our History," in which we present important events in U.S. history as reflected in the songs of each period.  We encourage the children to participate in the singing and answering questions about American history.  Included are 20-25 tunes from Colonial times through the Revolutionary War, Appalachia, the Westward Movement, the Gold Rush, the Civil War, and World War 1, along with songs from Woody Guthrie and John Denver.  This show is especially valuable in these times of severe budget cuts leading to the elimination of music programs.


Book us – or join us at our next concert - and come sing along with THE FOLK COLLECTION! 

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